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Tommie Turvey is Master Horse Trainer.

He has worked in all fields of the equine entertainment industry.

Tommie has trained and provided stunt horses for:

Award winning Feature films, Batman The Dark Knight,  * IMDB,

* Selma 2015

* The Walking Dead ( Televisions Most Watched Drama Series), 

* Horse Trainer for the  #1 Superbowl Commercial of all time. Brotherhood.

       Dressage Shows, Jumping and Eventing Competitions,

* The Washington International Horse Show

State Fairs, County Fairs, Circuses,

Dinner Theaters ( Medieval Times, Buffalo Bills,  Arabian Nights) ,

PRCA Rodeos (including Two Time Act of the Year at the                      * National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas).                                               


                               " Tommie Turvey is a  true Artists.

                                           With his love of horses,

                                 he creates  Magic, Imagination and Inspiration "


                                                                                William Shatner


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Send a self addressed envelope with postage and the item you would like signed.

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